Active With You In Every Outfit

DAG Apparel is a pro-fitness and lifestyle merchandise company, designed in Nigeria and manufactured in the United Kingdom. 

DAG Apparel was established, by Daniel Augustin, in 2017, after he noticed that there was a gap in the fitness industry in Nigeria. The brand has the vision of making great performance clothing to inspire fitness enthusiasts in the Nigerian fitness community and beyond. 

DAG Apparel has been committed to creating quality merchandise, to suit the specific needs of each fitness individual, to assist them in achieving their fitness goals and keeping the lifestyle. 

From this, DAG coined her slogan ‘Fits with Value’. We know that the audience makes up the community therefore, we have created our community of active lifestyle enthusiasts ‘DAG Army’ to support and kit our very own.

Our Mission

DAG is not just a brand that kits you up. We are dedicated to adding value by ensuring you stay fit and active, by joining you in your active/fitness journey.

Our Vision

To foster a healthy and active lifestyle from within our community to the outer world.