About Dag Apparel

DAG Apparel is a unique sport, clothing and lifestyle brand which launched in the United Kingdom, with the founder Daniel Augustin.

DAG apparel has been carefully made with the finest, high quality and latest fabric in the market, but at the same time, it is reasonably priced thus affordable for all individuals whether rich or not, in order for them to reach their fitness goals.

One goal of the brand DAG Apparel is to be a well known African fitness brand which is our own rather than the old Western sporting brands whereby we are increasing their Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and even their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) instead of improving our own FDI and GDP: and this can only be done if we as Africans come together to do so.

Nevertheless, another goal of DAG Apparel is to team up with a new NGO called Save Our Sport.NG, which was created by our very own Olusoji Fasuba, who is still the current African 100m record holder or one could say the fastest African of all time. Here, DAG and SOS NG would come together to sponsor and mentor upcoming athletes to see that this record is broken and ensure that our athletes are achieving more.

“The fact that many Africans are getting health conscious is an excellent idea rather than seeing it as a hobby for the rich. Nevertheless, ensuring they get the right quality and affordable sport wear will also help in increasing their training performance as well as their mental capability which is essentially to keep fitness as a lifestyle.” Says founder Daniel Augustin.